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  • Tina Smith

Symptoms...not the big issue

A lot of people find themselves at some point in their lives struggling with over indulging or being addicted to all sorts of things that are bad for them: drinking, smoking, over eating, gambling and impulse buying to name a few.

These issues are not the actual problem itself...they are the symptom of a bigger issue, maybe one that has been around for a very long time.

How many times have you tried to diet? Sometimes you lose a few pounds, sometimes you don't. If you do lose some weight you might have found that you keep it off for a while but that you eventually regain it, sometimes you put on more than you lost. This can feel like a very defeating cycle.

This happens because you are only dealing with the symptom and not getting down to the root cause.

We can resort to these behaviours and thoughts when things are not going so well for us. Sometimes we will know what the bigger issue is and sometimes it is not obvious to us.

We all know that if you want to lose weight you just need to eat less and move more...that is what our conscious mind - our logical mind tells why do we find it so hard to do? This is when hypnotherapy can be very helpful. Therapy in hypnosis can tap into your subconscious mind where we have all of these bad habits and behaviours or limiting thoughts stored. It can help you to re-programme these thoughts to move forward in a healthy way, to rewrite new thoughts and behaviours. It can help you to discover why you might behave the way that you do, due to what you have learnt in the past, and stored in your subconscious. Maybe you were told as a child that you were lazy, or not good enough? If that is the case and you believed it, then your subconscious learns that and can then sabotage any attempts to lose weight stop smoking/drinking or maybe even have happy healthy relationships. You can process these thoughts and move on.

Most of the stories about ourselves that we carry around with us, we learnt from other people. Some of these stories are not very healthy. The good news is that you can change them...and hypnotherapy can help you to do that. After all, why are we letting adults who negatively influenced us in our childhood years still have a voice that affects us now in adulthood?

Time for a change, time for some self love.

Spero Hypnotherapy

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